Original Music

One of my passions throughout the years has been music! I've enjoyed playing many instruments and writing several original songs. Below you'll find links to several of the songs I've put together over the years. If you'd like the notated music or lead sheets, please contact me under the Contact Us section with your particular request and I'll send along what I can. I would also love to serve you with my musical gifts, whether it be singing, playing guitar, playing piano, or some other way. I hope these songs are an encouragement to you.

Enriched Affections was recorded back in 2010. It's an album of original songs meant to engage both the heart and mind of the listener. A few of the songs are retuned hymns, others are Psalms put to song, and the rest are meditations on different aspects of theology and life. You can listen to the whole album on Spotify, iTunes, or Amazon.

A big thanks to Jeremy Huff, Jordan Huff, and Eric Carter for their instrumental skills in recording this album.


1- Jesus, Lover of My Soul