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Media & Design

Custom Videos

Create a custom video to feature a product or have an eye catching representation of your logo. We will meet with you and capture original footage on site to create the best video we can for you and your organization. We've been creating videos since 1997 and would love to serve you with that expertise.

Custom Work

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MedTech Workout
D Uhaul
Dynamic June Sunglasses
Dynamic June 12
Marketing Monday
MedTech Social Alternatives
MedTech Bone Health
Wisdom Wednesday
HiViz vests
Feel Good Friday
MedTech Sports Asymmetry
Brand Your Can
Photo Graphic
Prayer Series
Salt Light Retreat
HiViz shirts
HPC Homepage
Sermon Series
Special Needs
Custom Graphics & Design

An updated logo, marketing material, or a fresh look on your website are just a few of the options available to you from JH Services. We've been designing graphics since 2006 and would love to serve you with that expertise.


We are here to help with all your photography needs. We handle real estate, insurance claims, or individual photos for a special occasion. We'll take care of everything from capturing your special moments to touching up every detail.

Sunny day
Kitchen 5
Big Sky
Den 1
Window Washing
Foyer 1
Evening Stroll
Living Room 1
Nashville Fountain
Photography 1
Music City
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